My Storage Container Home

The year is 2025 and I live in post-apocalyptic D.C. in my storage container tiny house. During the years of the apocalypse, my home protected me from viral diseases and extreme, destructive natural disasters. Now that the initial collapse of the old society has died down, I have been adjusting to life after the apocalypse.

I have begun adding outdoor space to my modest home. There is a front patio where I enjoy eating breakfast and watching the sunrise. On the side, I have a garden, where some crops are beginning to sprout. I cannot wait to eat some fresh food; canned food is becoming sickening to even look at.

My tiny storage container home is perfect for me right now. It does not require much maintenance, which is extremely necessary because I need to focus on meeting my basic needs for survival as necessities are scarce these days.

Life in the storage container can be lonely, but it is built for one and it works for me in my situation. It can be pleasant and cozy at times when I lay in my lofted bed and listen to the silence of the world be drowned out by my tiny box house that protects me from all that can cause harm.

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