How to Survive Week Five

This week I told myself I would get my work done in a timely manner. I started out the week well by gaining my bearings and watching all of the videos and going through the resources for the week. On Wednesday, I got thinking about my character, Tala Madeira and wrote her an in-depth backstory. Wednesday was definitely productive for me because I also listened to the Peoria Plague Radio Show and tweeted along with some of my classmates. On Thursday, I watched the videos by Jad from RadioLab, but then I got caught up in other assignments and responsibilities and did not submit my reflection then.

This fallback in my schedule led me to finish the rest of the work over the weekend. I enjoyed exploring Audacity and getting some tips and tricks before beginning my own audio. After exploring the Frequency 2156 page, I got really into developing and editing my audio for the site. I recorded myself for that assignment just using the microphone on my headphones, but it seems to have worked well. For the two other audio assignments I completed (Humming Away and Call Me, Beep Me), I decided to take advantage of the vocal booth in the HCC. Although it was nice and quiet in there, I think it will be more useful once I figure out how to use all the tech inside it. I will definitely be visiting the Digital Knowledge Center this week for a tutorial!

Overall, I would say it was a pretty fun week, The End-wise.


How are you feeling? Be specific.

This week I have been feeling extremely tired and overwhelmed. I have had so much to get done, and all I wanted to do was take a nap. Slightly afraid a plague of fatigue is sweeping over the school, which will lead to a constant stage of sleep, AKA death. But, hopefully, it is just from a large workload and the fact that we are approaching midterms.

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