How to Read a Movie

Generally, I only read a film when it is in another language, but this week I learned how to read any and all films. In Robert Ebert’s article, How to Read a Movie,  I found it interesting how the placement and movement of characters in a film have such a subtle but effective way of controlling the emotions of the watchers. I also appreciated his acceptance of straying from the rules of film because the film is not something that needs to have strict guidelines.

I watched Kubrick // One-Point Perspective, with is the concept of drawing the attention to one spot. Using this technique, it is very clear what the focus is and the symmetry is very satisfying to the eye. In some of the clips, the focal point seemed to be slightly to the center-right which Ebert described as a very dominant position. Also, if the focal point moves out of the center, it can create a sense of discomfort for watchers

Next, I watched The Shining // Zooms. The multiple screens playing made it confusing and chaotic to follow, which I believe is the point. Also, along with the music, the videos were quite creepy and made me feel trapped and confused.

I also watched Examples of Editing Techniques which helps me as someone who does not know much about film. Now I can understand some techniques and be inspired to create better videos. Camera Angles and Techniques will also help for inspiration on how to film an effective video.

The film I chose to watch was The Night of the Living Dead, which was entertaining and thrilling at the same time! I made sure to think about the techniques I learned about from the article and videos, and for the most part, the movie followed the rules. I added commentary to a scene, reflecting on the techniques used. After choosing the scene I rewatched it and took down notes on the techniques portrayed in the scene, and then I recorded myself over the scene.

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