A Dirty New World

Finally, the humans are gone. The humans, along with all other “living” beings were obliterated in the apocalypse. Even for me, a mere speck of dirt, the apocalypse was absolutely terrifying. I was thrown around from field to forest to sidewalks to anywhere you can imagine. I am so relieved that horrible experience is over.

Currently, I lay in an abandoned backyard and I have made some great dirt particle friends. Many of them are from the suburbs and they tell me horror stories from before the apocalypse. Miniature humans would dig them up in metal or plastic scoops and relocate them wherever they pleased. Occasionally, dogs would use their paws to throw them in all different directions for seemingly no reason at all.

On the farm, I also had some terrible experiences. Every time I would get settled in and become close friends with my neighboring dirt, the humans would use huge machines to churn us up and even cut some of us into pieces. They overused us and constantly drained our nutrients for their plants which they laid on top of us. However, now they are gone and life is much better.

We get to relax, and for the most part, we stay stationary aside from the occasional wind or rain. We get to keep all of our nutrients because there are no more plants. I never knew how friendly they were, because I never spent so much time with them. Hopefully, living things do not repopulate the planet soon, because I am enjoying this new lifestyle.

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