Writing for The End


In the event of an apocalypse, do you think you’d be the kind of person to hoard your supplies (for yourself and your loved ones) or would you share them with those around you in need? Why or why not?

Honestly, I would be the kind of person who would hoard supplies for myself and my loved ones. Although it may seem selfish, in the event of the apocalypse I will probably put the survival of myself over others. It would be unknown how long the apocalypse would last and how devastated and depleted the planet would be, so I would want to make the limited supplies I have last for as long as possible.


This week definitely included a much heavier workload than the past two weeks. I tried my best to keep this in mind throughout the week in order to stay on top of all of the work. Although I did end up doing a bulk of the work during the tail-end of the week, I did complete some work for the course almost every day this week.

My favorite assignments from this course are most definitely the daily creates, as I have noted in my past weekly posts. This week I tweeted about a UFO abduction of Westmo, a very romantic compliment involving ketchup, and a plot line to a story called Creepy CorpsesI always have so much fun with the daily creates, though I am never quite sure if they are quite as hilarious to everyone else…

The major works for the week were all of the writing assignments. I started out with the Amazon review assignment because it seemed like a fun and simple assignment. I chose to review a camouflage hammock because I personally love hammocking and it is decently useful for survival.

Following the review, I read and reflected on two of the assigned short stories, which helped me dive a little deeper into the realm of apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction. I chose to write an alternate ending for There Will Come Soft Rains, because I found that story much more intriguing than Finis, and I had a fun idea for the alternate ending.

For my six additional stars of writing assignments, I chose The End is for Everything, which I wrote from the perspective of a speck of dirt in a post-apocalyptic world, and When and Where would you live, about living in a storage container tiny home in a post-apocalyptic 2025. Although we were given the option to only have three stars be dedicated to writing about apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic topics, I have been getting more into the theme and chose to incorporate the apocalypse in all six of my stars.

Two works of other survivors that I would like to highlight are Cypherpunk106’s Apocalypse Terms of Service and Samara Wong’s story on cats’ post-apocalyptic world. Cypherpunk always impresses me with how well she incorporates media into her posts. I also admire how interested she is in the apocalypse as she displays a deep knowledge of the subject through her hilarious writing.

After reading Samara’s work, I had the reaction of “Ok. Cats can take over. That makes sense.” She just made it so obvious that cats are way smarter than humans and deserve to take control. I thought it was quite well written and insightful!

For next week, I want to continue to participate more and make my website more professional and organized. I have really enjoyed reading my classmates works and posts on twitter, so I want to dedicate more time to reading and responding. Also this week I have been developing the organization of my websites with categories and tags, so I want to work on those more to make them as clear as possible to those who visit my site. I am looking forward to what next week’s challenge will be!

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