Week Ten…Not So Zen

This has been quite a busy week. I knew I did not have much time this week so I made sure to get my daily creates and planning out of the way quickly.

My first daily create was a flying flower, which I drew early in the morning before I left for my practicum.

The second daily create that I completed was a mismatch of a tourist slogan and a place. Personally, I really do think Oklahoma is better than ok, but that is definitely not a picture of Oklahoma.

I read the article on how to read film and watched some of the videos early on and took notes so I would remember what was important. These were definitely informative and helped me navigate the rest of the week. Later I watched The Night of the Living Dead and chose my scene that I commented on.

Earlier in the week, I decided on which video assignments I would complete, and vaguely what I would do for them, but I did not complete them until later. I vlogged my day in Philly with my sister, which was an enjoyable process. My video tutorial for a hanging plant holder, on the other hand, was not as enjoyable. It was a rather long, strenuous process, but I completed it and I am content with the outcome.


What question would you like to ask the class?

If you were to take this course again, what would you want the theme to be and why?

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