Week 7 and 8, and Feeling Great

The focus for these past weeks was the radio show, which I really enjoyed creating! I appreciated the opportunity to meet with my survival group in person and learn from them. It brought a new level to this course that was not possible through solely online interactions. And the fact that it is an online class made it difficult because there was not an easy meeting time for our group.

At the end of the 7th week, I created the bumper sticker for Survivors at Sunrise. This definitely challenged me, because I struggled to create a design that looked nice and not too tacky. After a lot of playing around with formats and fonts, I was pleased with the final outcome.

For my first daily create, I made the version of Tala that she would not want to become during the apocalypse. I turned her into a wolf to play off her lone wolf archetype, and also added shredded clothes. My next daily create was the Wheel of Fortune puzzle. If you did not solve it, the answer was Alternative Service Break, because I was in Alabama doing service with Habitat for Humanity at the time. The third daily create I completed was the Manga Me. I tried to make it look as much like me as possible, and I even gave it a ukulele. Although, I do have a shaved head now so I guess I look a bit different! For my last daily create, I recorded myself reading Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Anderson. I kept tripping up on words, but I finally got a smooth enough run through recorded on Audacity and I uploaded it to SoundCloud.


If the apocalypse were to happen, and you had to become something. . .else. Which kind of something would you want to be and why?

I would want to become a zombie. This feels like the obvious choice to me because if I were a zombie in the apocalypse than is it really the apocalypse? I mean it basically comes down to the survival of the fittest and in a zombie apocalypse, generally the zombies will win and they will become the new dominant species. If you want to survive, you have to stay mainstream with the surviving population!

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  1. I really enjoyed your tranformation of your character Tala I like how she became the thing that most resemebled her personality the Lone Wolf. I guess I never thought of becoming a zombie to go main stream, doing as all the kewl kids are doing. I guess if they survive and humans don’t in a sense I guess that does make them the fittest survivors.

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