Tala Madeira: The Lone Wolf

Name: Tala Madeira

Apocalypse Archetype: The Lone Wolf

Tala was born into a middle-class family in the Northwestern corner of Arkansas. However, she has minimal memory of this. At the young age of three, Tala was taken by the government to be trained as a child spy.

She spent her childhood traveling to different enemy countries to spy on people she was told were “bad”, and reported what she discovered. Occasionally, she was put on missions with her friend, Caleb, who was also a stolen child spy. They witnessed terror and torture and experienced it themselves when they made mistakes on their missions. Scared from a life without love or care, Caleb often would break down, but Tala would stay strong and protect him so he would not be punished by the superior agents.

As Tala and Caleb got older, they more often went alone on the missions, and the missions became more dangerous. Tala became hardened from the experiences she encountered and began to give a sense of indifference to the world. The CIA noticed her seeming lack of empathy and switched her track.

At age 13, she was moved to the National Defense niche group which tracked down and killed target enemies of the government. Though this took much of her attention and time, she found moments to write letters to Caleb, who was her one connection to humanity. Caleb continued to spy for the CIA and pleaded Tala to come back after reading the horrors she was involved with. She had become irritated with Caleb’s pleading and completely closed herself off to put all her focus on her work.

However, at the age of 17, something changed. She witnessed a family grieving over someone she was told was an “enemy”. “He is the target,” they said “He should not live,” they said. But Tala was not sure if that was so true. Wanting to look for a better, more human and caring future, she decided to run away. She got in contact with Caleb to get him to come with her, but he was unable to part with the life he had grown so dependent on in the CIA. Tala had no time to convince him, so she went alone.

She found herself in foster care in New York, though she knew she would age out with limited time. Her foster family was not friendly to her, but they were not abusive either, so it was all that she needed. Tala was able to take a few classes in the local, underfunded public high school. She was bullied for being a foster kid and being new, but Tala fought back. She was only able to last a week in the “normal” school before being expelled, and she saw no hope in her foster family, so she left to be on her own again.

Tala had gained some education from her CIA training and just from talking with the other agents who had graduated from college. Miraculously, this was enough to get herself into college.

She has been studying ecology for the last three years and will graduate this May. Tala is hoping to redefine herself and her life, and have a fresh start with her new education.

5 Replies to “Tala Madeira: The Lone Wolf”

  1. I loved the way you interwove gifs and images in telling your backstory. Tala is badass!
    With an impending apocalypse upon us will she try to hide her past or will she use her expert knowledge to help those around her survive even if it means thinking about her past?

  2. I love your post! You clearly have thought out your character. Do you think that the apocalypse will present an opportunity for Caleb and Tala to reunite and overcome their struggles?

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