My Acquaintanceship with Apocalyptic Fiction

Personally, I do not have a very close relationship with apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction. I have tried to watch shows such as The 100, but they have not peaked my interest. However, the most closely related TV show to the apocalypse that I have watched is Stranger Things. Although not directly a show about the apocalypse, it does have some of the common themes of aliens and the spreading of deadly unknown diseases. I find Stranger Things to be particularly interesting to me because of how it incorporates people, especially children, into the mysterious alien epidemic. The kids who have been affected by the outbreak are so lovable, but if you put yourself into the situation it may have been difficult to decipher if you could trust the child or if they were on the side of the alien contagion. It was also intriguing how the outbreak sourced from a laboratory in a town where “nothing happens”. That is how many people, especially those who live in the suburbs, feel about their towns, so it is thrilling to think about that happening in a place one calls home. You might feel safe in your boring little town, but little do you know there could be the upside-down lurking beneath your feet!

Due to my lack of experience in the apocalypse realm, I went through the Wikipedia page about apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction, to see which genre intrigued me. Going through that page made me understand that apocalypse does not just involve zombies, aliens, and disease, but also environmental disasters. As someone who regularly reprimands my friends for not recycling or making too much waste and is deeply concerned about the state of our planet, an apocalypse rooted from an environmental disaster does not seem like too much of a stretch. At humanity’s rate of destruction and pollution and lack of knowledge and responsibility, the human population is due for a crash in the incoming future. Yes, I may be the crazy person digging through the trash to remove recyclables and put them in the correct bins, but I do know that the earth is in a crisis and we need to fix it on a large scale. If not, we really could be in for an apocalypse.

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