I Would Rather be a Zombie


“In the event of a zombie apocalypse, would you rather be turned into a zombie or have everyone you love turned into a zombie? Why?”

I would much rather be turned into a zombie than have everyone I love turned into a zombie. In my opinion, this is the much safer choice. Imagining my family and friends being turned into zombies and me being the only human left is absolutely terrifying. Whenever thinking about myself in the position of a horror/murder film, I would want to be killed first for two reasons; it would be so stressful and just plain terrible to experience anything like what happens in those types of movies and if I were to survive it, I would need so much therapy for the psychological damage it would cause me. So, putting this weirdly selfish perspective into the zombie apocalypse scenario, I would rather be turned into a zombie because then I would be the “bad guy” and maybe if I am lucky I could control myself and not eat people’s brains.


This week was a little rough for me. I got off to a good start by completing my Twitter zombie story for the daily create. This daily create was pretty fun and I put a personal twist on the task.

Later on Tuesday, I went to the library to check out Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood thinking it would be nice to have the physical copy. When I checked out the book the librarian stated: “That’s weird, it says its due today.” And looking back on it, that seems to foreshadow Tuesday being the last day of the week I had time to get my assignments done. I had an overwhelming amount of work from my other courses, so I fell a bit behind on my assignments for this class.

Luckily, I was inspired by my Global Environmental Problems course to write about Easter Island for the Tell it/Tweet it Assignment. Although I felt a bit rushed, I did enjoy writing my fictional story based on the collapse of Easter Island, or Rapa Nui.

Throughout the week, I managed to give a bit of time to read some of Oryx and Crake, the Routledge article and watch End Day. I want to try reading some of the other novels and see which ones peak my interest the most.

Completing my second daily create was slightly stressful since I could not figure out how to edit my photo quickly. I did the daily create on strange dreams, so I knew I wanted to use layering of different photos, but I do not have photoshop so I had to play around with different apps. Finally, I found an app on my phone that worked to layer photos on top of others, and I am not mad about how it turned out. Although, I would like to become more comfortable with editing photos.

For this upcoming week, I hope to be much more on top of my work so I can put more thought and effort into my assignments. I also want to become more active and interact with other people in the class on our social media accounts.

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