DesignBlitzing @ UMW

Alignment, hierarchy, contrast, color, space. #designblitz #ds106 #theend106

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This designblitz took me on quite the adventure around campus. I took pictures in the UC for hierarchy and color; the boardgames sign on the TV emphasizes “boardgames” by putting the word in larger size text, in the poster about watching the Olympics, they used the colors from the Olympic rings in the text and the way they broke up the text into different colors made it easier to read.

My next stop was the HCC, where I found the #UMWMade poster. This poster used the design concept of contrast because it uses a dark text color on a bright yellow background. Also while I was in the HCC looking for signs, I found some evidence

While walking around campus, I found two more design concepts. On the front porch of Seacobeck, there is a sign that announces the future home for the College of Education. This sign uses alignment because the text is neatly aligned on the left side. As I continued to walk around, I stumbled across an equality bumper sticker. I believe this uses the concept of space very efficiently because it is simple and straight to the point, yet has a lot of meaning.


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