Can You See Me in My Camo Hammock?

Here is the link to a state of the art camouflage hammock:

I recently ordered this camouflage netted hammock in preparation for our impending doom. I thought it would be best to test it out before the end comes, just to make sure it works. But good news! It’s perfect. I spent a night in a hunting ground in this camo hammock, and I was completely invisible to the hunters! When the apocalypse comes and we need to hide from aliens or zombies, but also get our beauty rest, this is the product that will keep the innocent alive. As an added bonus, the hammock was extremely comfortable, and I got a great night’s rest.

The hammock comes with an attachable net, which is completely sealed, so in the event of uncontrollable airborne diseases, you will be safe. It also keeps away any unruly pests from infected you, or just being a bother.

If this review is not convincing enough yet, just consider the alternate uses for the hammock pieces. You can use the carabiners for rock climbing. The ropes have an abundance of uses, such as making a tourniquet, building a ladder or making a trap.

This lightweight hammock condenses into a small compact bag and can easily carry 500lbs. It is a staple for anyone anticipating the apocalypse. Highly recommend it for all you future survivors out there!

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  1. Nice buy! I went to the product page you linked to but I couldn’t see anything in the pictures, so I guess I will just have to take your word for it. Next time I get a more permanent address I’ll try to buy one of my own!

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