Apocalypse Bootcamp

I am a grandma when it comes to technology. However, this week in bootcamp through me into the rings of the online world. I decided to make completely new social media for this course because the only account I really use is Instagram. Setting up the accounts was a fairly simple task and I tried to play into the apocalypse theme while introducing myself on those mediums. It also became evident that my mom is more hip with social media than me when she followed me on Twitter before I even told her I made an account.

The highlight of my week in bootcamp was making my video on Youtube about my preparations for the end. I took a bit of time to find a well-lit and quiet space that had a bit of a bunker vibe.

Unfortunately, I did struggle a bit when I was trying to post it since the video required a lot of effort on part of my slowly dying iPhone 6. The other task I struggled with a bit was setting up my Domain of One’s Own with WordPress. After going to the Digital Knowledge Center twice, it is looking pretty decent, but it is definitely still a work in progress. I am going to continue to improve my website and social media pages as we move forward in the apocalypse; I look forward to surviving with you all.

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