Apocalyptic Short Stories Review

The first apocalypse short story I chose to read was There Will Come Soft Rains by Ray Bradbury. Published in 1950, this is a futuristic story set in 2026. Although¬†most people do not live in them today, the concept of a “Smart” house does exist in this day and age. It was so interesting how the author achieved a pretty accurate representation of modern technology. In the story, somehow the humans are no longer around, but the technology of the smart home is still going through the old house-owners’ daily routine. I began to take note of how technology is able to outlive humans and survive without us, and immediately after I wrote that down, the house had the fire and began to malfunction. This short story was extremely easy to read as it was fun to think of how it is possible that the concepts could happen in our future reality.

The second short story I read was Finis by Frank L. Pollack. Published in 1906, it is understandable that the female characters seemed fragile and not as knowledgeable as them men, but it still bothered me. The way the characters were not very well introduced or described made it slightly hard to follow in the beginning. The action towards the middle of the short story was the most interesting part, but then the author made the poor mistake of adding a love scene to the end. Overall I would say it was okay.