An Alternative Cover for ‘The Book of the Unnamed Midwife’

I created this alternative book cover for ‘The Book of the Unnamed Midwife’ using both Pixlr and Canva. Originally, I was hoping to have an abandoned highway with half a person on the edge of the cover holding their hand in a fist.  I wanted the person to represent the main character as being alone and willfully and independently strong. However, I could not find an image that would work for the person, so I decided to keep the idea of the abandoned highway and focus on the book concept from the novel. I edited the image to make the highway look like it is coming out of the book because the from the preface into the body of the book, the reader is pulled into the story.

Below is an image of the real cover for comparison:


Shaving my Head for Childhood Cancer Research

For my second design assignment, I decided to add my own assignment to the assignment bank. The assignment I made is to create an ad for a charity. I created an ad for St. Baldrick’s, which raises money and awareness for children’s cancer research. In about three weeks, I will be shaving my head at one of the organization’s events in DC. My goal is to raise $300, and what better way to raise money than by designing my own ad to raise awareness! If you are able to, I would really appreciate if you could donate! St. Baldrick’s is an amazing organization that supports an extremely important cause. If not, that is totally okay and please feel free to share this with your friends and family.

Creators Note:

To create the design, I used canva,  which is by far my favorite design application. I chose the poster format, but took creative liberty when organizing and designing it. I chose the green, orange and clover theme because St. Baldrick’s is based around St. Patrick’s Day (Its a pun and puns are the best). I am quite happy with how the poster turned out!

Tala’s Word Cloud

I used to create my character, Tala’s word cloud. I used her backstory to retrieve the words for her cloud, and I deleted the filler and unimportant words so the word cloud would be more representative of her. I decided to make her cloud in the shape of a tree for two main reasons. The more obvious reason is because she is an ecology major in college, and feels connected to nature. The second reason is that through her past she has grown so much and been able to withstand so much hardship. I imagine Tala can relate to the three because despite negative circumstances, she is able to grow and prosper.

I edited the colors of the word cloud to seem natural; green for the tree and blue for the sky in the background. I decided to “shrink the word cloud” to make sure all of the words were in the image. The overlapping of the words represents the chaos of Tala’s life.

Tala in Her Natural Enviroment

I placed Tala in a lush environment, standing on a rock next to a river. As an ecology major, she would find her self amongst nature quite often. I believe she would find peace and connection with nature because she has minimal connection with other humans.

To keep her prepared on the go, I gave her a hip-pack to carry necessities. I also decided to give her a bolo tie, mostly because I hope bolo ties will be “in” in the future.

Creator’s Note:

Saving the animation of Tala with a transparent background helped the process of editing her into the background image of nature. I really enjoyed looking through the different “items” for customizing my character and editing the colors to make her unique. If I ever need to make another animated character, I will definitely use the Hero Machine.