The End of The E.N.D.

For the final assignment of DS 106, Elaina and I decided to team up and revisit our storyline from the audio weeks. We wanted to delve deeper into our stories. During our original planning, we thought we would do another podcast, but as we continued to plan and discuss, we landed on the idea of creating a Google My Map, with other media mixed in.

First, we mapped out our four main plot points to tell our story. Next, we added descriptions for each location to give the viewer background knowledge of what was happening, and why. I enjoyed working with Elaina on this to give ourselves another opportunity to be more creative and go into more depth on our stories.

For our other forms of media, we used design and audio. I created a poster for the Spring Break at Sea Study Abroad program that Tala went on. I spent the most time making my own version of the UMW Study Abroad logo, which is a stamped globe. I think it has a clean look to it, and if it were hanging up around campus, some students might even sign up for the trip (that would lead to their impending doom…). For the audio portion, Elaina recorded herself playing guitar to use as Winston’s audition tape to perform on the cruise. We also added in a DIY video I had made as Tala, which was placed in Puerto Rico. And to round out the whole final project, we linked our radio show, Survivors at Sunrise to complete the Google My Maps journey through The E.N.D. 

7 Daily Creates

My first of 7 daily creates was this lovely gif of Dwight Schrute to describe how I was feeling that day. And honestly, I still relate.

My following daily create was naming a horse. I decided a fitting name for him was Eachan, because, after a long search of names that mean horse, Eachan seemed to fit him best.

For my next daily create, I was tasked with drawing the most important person in my life. I chose to draw my mother…I do not think the drawing turned out too well. And considering she follows me on Twitter and did not like the tweet, she did not think it turned out too well either.

The fourth daily create I completed required me to choose a gif that represented my time in DS 106. I spent a lot of my day thinking about what to choose, and after a while searching through gifs, I found the perfect one.

I drew an orange elephant for my next daily create because those are my favorite color and animal respectively. I believe this drawing turned out better than the one of my mother.

For the next daily create, I had to mix two animals together. Once I found the mix of animals I was interested to create, I began drawing the Rhinocepine – a rhino mixed with a porcupine. Probably not the friendliest animal, but its kinda cute!

And my last daily create of the semester, I had to recall my first memory. I chose a cute gif of a puppy stealing another puppy’s toy because I thought it went along well with my memory, despite my sister and me not being puppies.

Brief Reflection on DS 106

Honestly, I have really enjoyed being a part of DS 106. Although it was a lot of work, and at times I was extremely overwhelmed, I learned a lot and had fun! The other day, I was talking with my friends about which class this semester was our favorite, and hands down, DS 106 was mine. I really appreciated having the ability to be creative with my work. Also, I was able to meet such amazing and knowledgeable people through this course, despite it being online. Not only did this course give me the opportunity to be creative and meet inspiring people, but it opened me up to the opportunity of working at the Digital Knowledge Center! Because of this class, and the skills I have gained through it, I will be working as a tutor at the DKC next semester. I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge of the digital world as I continue my college career!








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