The Apocalypse Killed the Radio Show

So the radio shows are over. Honestly, this makes me a little sad because it was a fun time creating, producing and listening to another group’s radio show. Bonding with my survival group as we brainstormed and recorded our show was one of my most favorite parts of this course so far. I was able to learn more about audio from more tech-abled teammates, and I really got the chance to tap into my creativity. Tuning in to Alt-F4 radio show was also a valuable and fun experience. It was interesting to see how another group of students took the prompt of an apocalyptic radio show and made it their own. I really liked how they incorporated some spooky music into there show and made it more of a story rather than a show with segments, like my group did. Tweeting along with others in the class, always makes me laugh because it is fun to see the reactions from different people, but it was also nice to get responses from the producers of the radio show.

Overall, these couple weeks of radio show adventures have been educational and exciting! Unfortunately, it must come to “the end” and we must move on to the next week of assignments.

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