Stranger Things Could Have Happened in Week 11

Oh boy, what a week. After week 10 of videos, I did not think I would be so stressed about another week of videos, but I was wrong. This week required a little more video action than the last, I was even busier than last week! I had BellaCappella rehearsal every day this past week in preparation for our concert, and then my mom visited me over the weekend. So, maybe I could have been more strategic in my timing of assignments, but they did pile up a bit.

Assignment: Watch a Movie/Make a Movie

I started out the week strong by attending the movie watching meet-up, that only I went to…And I later completed the Mash a Movie assignment. I really enjoyed testing out new techniques to create my DS 106-ified scene. It definitely took the most time out of all my assignments for the week, but it was worth it because I enjoyed the process and I learned a lot!

Creating Assignments

I had already created a design assignment in a previous week, so I only needed to make one assignment. I decided to make a daily create, and I thought up designing your own coloring page. Unfortunately, I discovered a few days later that that idea was already used for a daily create, but I still put thought and effort into completing the daily create proposal and making an example.

Assignment: Six Stars of Video

To complete my three stars of video involving content from class storylines, I chose the DS 106-ers React assignment. For this, I created a video as my apocalypse character, Tala, reacting to her friend, Bellamy’s Dream Life video. I enjoyed looking at this video from a different perspective and thinking about what Tala would think. I also figured out how to place one video in another through this assignment!

For my other three stars of video assignments, I chose to complete the product review assignment. I wanted to choose an item that would be fun to review, so as I looked through my stuff, in a miscellaneous drawer, there was a slinky – and I became inspired. I had a LOT of fun making this video as I let my creative juices flow. I even played around while editing the video with little intro and outro bops. I also took some inspiration from videos I have seen (including some of Martha’s videos) and put the word “slinky” on repeat and then slowed down the last one and put an overlaying theme on top of it to make it more intense.

Assignment: 10 Apocalyptic Questions

This was the last assignment I completed for the week, and as I rewatched the question video, I took a mental note of which questions I wanted to answer and a brief idea of how I was going to respond. At this point in the two weeks of video, I was feeling pretty comfortable with iMovie, so I was able to split the clips from “Vanessa Locke’s” question video and from my video to create one cohesive pretty effortlessly. I hope my responses help her with her research of the apocalypse. I am very curious about what is causing The E.N.D.


For the first daily create I completed, I added a GIF to the interactive story on Twitter. It was entertaining to follow the GIF story and see everyone take part.

The other daily create I completed for the week was writing a poem about a mistake I have made. I decided to write it about tripping up the stairs because it happened to me last week and it was a wee bit awkward. But not that it is in poem form, the mistake seems more elegant.

You hear on the radio that the End has started. What do you do first?

I would probably gather my friends and family first. I would want to ensure that they are alive and safe, and if we were together as a larger group, we may have a higher chance of survival.



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  1. I love your Mash a Movie assignment! I didn’t watch Quiet Earth but it seems like it had a lot more usable dialogue than my movie did, which is awesome. The Martha head made me laugh! I also enjoyed seeing you react to Bellamy/Alyssa’s video. I might have to include more of you guys in future assignments as well, it’s too fun to connect our stories.

    1. Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed the Martha head! Yea, it is definitely fun to incorporate our Survivors at Sunrise stories into our work.

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