Making My Own Assignments

I love how this class is not just a professor assigning specific assignments and spewing out information. Rather, we are able to have some freedom in choosing our assignments, and we can even make some of our own. Earlier in the semester, I created a design assignment called Charity Ad. I made the assignment because I wanted to make an ad for St Baldrick’s so people would be encouraged to donate to my head shaving. I was happy with how my ad turned out and I shared it on my Facebook and Instagram as well as this blog. What made me the most excited about my assignment was that another student in the class completed it too!

A couple days ago, I decided to submit a daily create. To brainstorm for a good idea, I thought about the daily creates that I enjoyed, so I decided to make something that involved drawing. It is now in the abyss of unpublished daily creates but I believe I called it, Design Your Own Coloring Book Page. As a little hint of what this could entail, below is the example I created.

If you have an idea for a daily create or assignment, I would totally recommend submitting it, because it is interesting to see both sides of the assignments.

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