Learning about Audio

Personally, I do not have experience creating audio, but I do enjoy listening to audio. I have always appreciated podcasts and I have been using them to get through long car rides and tedious tasks for years. I completely agree with Jad Abumrad from RadioLab that listening to stories can take you into a dream-like state.

I also agree that radio is what it lacks. What you cannot see you imagine, and your imagination is more impactful than anything that can be shown. I love his idea of “co-imagination” because radio does bring a connection between the listener and the speaker. It calls for a need for the listener to understand the speaker.  My favorite podcast to listen to is The Moth by NPR. Whenever I listen to it, I end up laughing and crying out loud, which goes to show that you do not need visual to make an impact.

In the second video, Abumrad mentions how it is the storyteller’s job to make a circle of connection, which can bring the listener to a dream-like state. Often, when audio is done well, I feel like I am thrown into the story and I am no longer a part of the real world.

Through the tips and videos, I learned how important it is to use the right equipment and be in a controlled environment when creating audio. These factors and editing and layering make a huge impact on the final product. I hope that as I begin to use Audacity and create audio, I will become more comfortable and be able to create audio that puts the listener into a dream-like state to become connected with the story.

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