How to Design

The videos of Scher and Carson, as well as the tutorials on Canva, made me realize how being creative and taking risks is an important part of design. Although through some of the Canva tutorials created structured “rules” on how to align your design correctly and how to pair fonts well, it also encourages you to put your own twist on your design. I have used Canva a few times in the past to make posters and social media announcements for clubs on campus. I always love creating designs on Canva because the site makes it so easy and it almost feels as if I am playing a game. Despite this, I had never gone through any of the tutorials, and they were very informative. By going through the tutorials, I will be able to create designs more quickly on Canva and have a general background to what looks best and catches people’s attention faster.

Scher and Carson’s videos made me feel more confident as someone with minimal experience in design. I found it interesting how Carson was not originally a designer, which gave him a different perspective on the job. It seemed like he was less likely to follow the construct of design and more likely to create what he wanted to create. I really loved his advise of utilizing who you are into your work because it encourages a more fun side to the work. This seems to compliment Scher’s ideas on solemn vs. serious because she discussed how when she began a new design concept it was fun for her and serious, but as she continued it and the style became more mainstream, it became solemn and less enjoyable.

The videos made me wonder if Canva is a bit solemn because it is so popularly used and has pre-prepared designs to edit. I would like to explore Canva more and see how I can make my designs more unique on the site.

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