DIY Film

The video work for this week took a lot of my energy and efforts. I chose path one, 8 stars of individual video assignments. I completed the Take Us Through Your Day assignment and the Arts and Crafts Tutorial assignment, both of which were 4 stars.

For the Take us Through Your Day, I vlogged my day with my sister in Philadelphia. It seemed a little strange filming my sister all day while we were mostly just walking around, but it is nice to now have a memory of the day in a video format. I tried my best to get some varying filming angles to take the viewer on a fun adventure with us.

I decided to connect my Arts and Crafts tutorial with my radio show, Survivors at Sunrise and tap into my character who studied ecology and lived for a time in Puerto Rico during the apocalypse. This video was more difficult to film and edit than I had anticipated. I struggled a bit to get a good angle to film and I ended up propping my phone up on two books, a tissue box and a lamp base (I also used the lamp for lighting). I had to redo some of my voice-overs in the editing process. There was a lot that I filmed that needed to be edited out or sped up because the video just dragged on. However, I think I got it down to a good length and it flows pretty decently.

I had a few hiccups trying to upload my videos, but I visited the Digital Knowledge Center and they were able to help me! 🙂


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