Continuing the Sunrise Radio Show

Before meeting with my survival group to begin recording our radio show, I wrote out an outline of my segment, Suck it up with Tala. This preparation helped the process of recording go faster and smoother. However, we did have a little brainstorming and collaboration on each of our segments to make them the best we could.

The biggest struggle of recording the radio show was figuring out everyone’s schedules because we are all quite busy ladies. Unfortunately, Alyssa was unable to meet up with us this time, but she was able to record her segment without us.

Despite not having the whole survival group, Elaina, Lauren and I were able to record each of our segments, and it was enjoyable to listen in and collaborate on their segments. I think our radio show, Survivors at Sunrise is developing into a very entertaining piece and I cannot wait for the class to tune in!

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  1. I loved the picture you added to this post! Cute, yet apocalyptic. It’s a trend haha. Even though your group couldn’t meet at a whole, I’m glad everyone could contribute to making an excellent show. Good job!

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