Bumper Sticker Remake

To revise an old assignment, I decided to choose the bumper sticker that I made for my radio show, Survivors at Sunrise. Even though I took a long time to design the one I submitted, I was still not completely satisfied with it. After editing it once again, I can say I would probably put this version on my car.


In my opinion, the blue text and the font for “Survivors at Sunrise” was a little tacky. So, I decided to switch to a white text with a more classy font. I changed the orange bottom to the blue color, which gives the sticker an ocean vibe. This ties in well with our radio show where we described how we met when we crashed on Puerto Rico while three of us were on a cruise. I also changed the filter on the background photo so it is flatter and to make the sun rays more visible. I decided to layer the title slightly over the ocean to tie the sky and the water together nicely. I played with changing the font of “DS 106 FM”, but ultimately, I decided what I already had as the font looked very clean.

Personally, I think the new bumper sticker is a great improvement from the first. All I have to do now is put it on Red Bubble and sell them!

3 Replies to “Bumper Sticker Remake”

  1. Jillian, I love your revised bumper sticker! I loved the one that you originally made, but this one has the sun in the background and I absolutely love it! Definitely goes with our radio show really well. 🙂

  2. I think this is an improvement too! I like the new font a lot as well as the more dramatic sunrise graphic. The white text is a little hard to read on the yellow–perhaps a very faint outline on it would help. I would also suggest adding a bit of space on the right and left of the text just to let it “breathe” a little — not too much. I think you’re trying to get the text to really take over the sticker like the sunrise on the horizon (which I like a lot), but even just a small bump on the right and left would make the text feel a bit more balanced on the whole design.

    Great work!!

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