Tala’s Word Cloud

I used wordclouds.com to create my character, Tala’s word cloud. I used her backstory to retrieve the words for her cloud, and I deleted the filler and unimportant words so the word cloud would be more representative of her. I decided to make her cloud in the shape of a tree for two main reasons. The more obvious reason is because she is an ecology major in college, and feels connected to nature. The second reason is that through her past she has grown so much and been able to withstand so much hardship. I imagine Tala can relate to the three because despite negative circumstances, she is able to grow and prosper.

I edited the colors of the word cloud to seem natural; green for the tree and blue for the sky in the background. I decided to “shrink the word cloud” to make sure all of the words were in the image. The overlapping of the words represents the chaos of Tala’s life.

2 Replies to “Tala’s Word Cloud”

  1. I really like this word cloud and the representations in it! I am especially interested in the smaller jumbled words (like “protected” “scared” “humanity” and “empathy” all together in the top left).

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