Tala in Her Natural Enviroment

I placed Tala in a lush environment, standing on a rock next to a river. As an ecology major, she would find her self amongst nature quite often. I believe she would find peace and connection with nature because she has minimal connection with other humans.

To keep her prepared on the go, I gave her a hip-pack to carry necessities. I also decided to give her a bolo tie, mostly because I hope bolo ties will be “in” in the future.

Creator’s Note:

Saving the animation of Tala with a transparent background helped the process of editing her into the background image of nature. I really enjoyed looking through the different “items” for customizing my character and editing the colors to make her unique. If I ever need to make another animated character, I will definitely use the Hero Machine. 


6 Replies to “Tala in Her Natural Enviroment”

  1. I haven’t seen the Bolo for quite sometime, but maybe just maybe it will make it’s comeback in the future. You did a good job of imposing your character into the wilderness. It almost looks life like and you took a picture with your phone. Good Job!!!

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