Shaving my Head for Childhood Cancer Research

For my second design assignment, I decided to add my own assignment to the assignment bank. The assignment I made is to create an ad for a charity. I created an ad for St. Baldrick’s, which raises money and awareness for children’s cancer research. In about three weeks, I will be shaving my head at one of the organization’s events in DC. My goal is to raise $300, and what better way to raise money than by designing my own ad to raise awareness! If you are able to, I would really appreciate if you could donate! St. Baldrick’s is an amazing organization that supports an extremely important cause. If not, that is totally okay and please feel free to share this with your friends and family.

Creators Note:

To create the design, I used canva,  which is by far my favorite design application. I chose the poster format, but took creative liberty when organizing and designing it. I chose the green, orange and clover theme because St. Baldrick’s is based around St. Patrick’s Day (Its a pun and puns are the best). I am quite happy with how the poster turned out!

4 Replies to “Shaving my Head for Childhood Cancer Research”

  1. This is so awesome and kudos to you for doing this most generous thing. I love the poster and everything that it represents. It’s awesome seeing the stuff we are learning being used in a practical way such as this. Wonderful job!!!!

  2. This is suchhh a great cause! I have been to a St Baldrick’s event in Stafford at an Irish Pub called Paddy’s, and so many people were shaving their head, it made me so tempted to do it too! But I don’t have the guts, so I really admire you for doing this!!! Seriously so awesome and the poster really turned out amazing as well!!!!

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