Can the police protect us from the end?

For my second audio star assignment, I chose the three and a half star assignment, Call Me, Beep Me. I had to make a 911 call, and I chose to relate it to the Peoria Plague radio show from Wednesday night. I found it a little tricky to record myself as the 911 operator and as the caller, but eventually I made it work. I decided to make the call as someone who was not infected by the “plague” in the hospital. To create a different voice for the 911 operator, I edited the pitch to be lower, so it could seem like I was recording with someone else. I added a loud scared crowd sound, from and repeated it throughout the call. I had to cut little bits of it so it would not sound abrupt from one loop to another.

For those of you who tuned in to DS106 radio on Wednesday, I hope you agree that this relates well to the original story. I had fun creating the audio, and I cannot wait to learn more about editing and different tools so my audio quality can improve in the future.


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