The End of The E.N.D.

For the final assignment of DS 106, Elaina and I decided to team up and revisit our storyline from the audio weeks. We wanted to delve deeper into our stories. During our original planning, we thought we would do another podcast, but as we continued to plan and discuss, we landed on the idea of creating a Google My Map, with other media mixed in.

First, we mapped out our four main plot points to tell our story. Next, we added descriptions for each location to give the viewer background knowledge of what was happening, and why. I enjoyed working with Elaina on this to give ourselves another opportunity to be more creative and go into more depth on our stories.

For our other forms of media, we used design and audio. I created a poster for the Spring Break at Sea Study Abroad program that Tala went on. I spent the most time making my own version of the UMW Study Abroad logo, which is a stamped globe. I think it has a clean look to it, and if it were hanging up around campus, some students might even sign up for the trip (that would lead to their impending doom…). For the audio portion, Elaina recorded herself playing guitar to use as Winston’s audition tape to perform on the cruise. We also added in a DIY video I had made as Tala, which was placed in Puerto Rico. And to round out the whole final project, we linked our radio show, Survivors at Sunrise to complete the Google My Maps journey through The E.N.D. 

7 Daily Creates

My first of 7 daily creates was this lovely gif of Dwight Schrute to describe how I was feeling that day. And honestly, I still relate.

My following daily create was naming a horse. I decided a fitting name for him was Eachan, because, after a long search of names that mean horse, Eachan seemed to fit him best.

For my next daily create, I was tasked with drawing the most important person in my life. I chose to draw my mother…I do not think the drawing turned out too well. And considering she follows me on Twitter and did not like the tweet, she did not think it turned out too well either.

The fourth daily create I completed required me to choose a gif that represented my time in DS 106. I spent a lot of my day thinking about what to choose, and after a while searching through gifs, I found the perfect one.

I drew an orange elephant for my next daily create because those are my favorite color and animal respectively. I believe this drawing turned out better than the one of my mother.

For the next daily create, I had to mix two animals together. Once I found the mix of animals I was interested to create, I began drawing the Rhinocepine – a rhino mixed with a porcupine. Probably not the friendliest animal, but its kinda cute!

And my last daily create of the semester, I had to recall my first memory. I chose a cute gif of a puppy stealing another puppy’s toy because I thought it went along well with my memory, despite my sister and me not being puppies.

Brief Reflection on DS 106

Honestly, I have really enjoyed being a part of DS 106. Although it was a lot of work, and at times I was extremely overwhelmed, I learned a lot and had fun! The other day, I was talking with my friends about which class this semester was our favorite, and hands down, DS 106 was mine. I really appreciated having the ability to be creative with my work. Also, I was able to meet such amazing and knowledgeable people through this course, despite it being online. Not only did this course give me the opportunity to be creative and meet inspiring people, but it opened me up to the opportunity of working at the Digital Knowledge Center! Because of this class, and the skills I have gained through it, I will be working as a tutor at the DKC next semester. I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge of the digital world as I continue my college career!








Stranger Things Could Have Happened in Week 11

Oh boy, what a week. After week 10 of videos, I did not think I would be so stressed about another week of videos, but I was wrong. This week required a little more video action than the last, I was even busier than last week! I had BellaCappella rehearsal every day this past week in preparation for our concert, and then my mom visited me over the weekend. So, maybe I could have been more strategic in my timing of assignments, but they did pile up a bit.

Assignment: Watch a Movie/Make a Movie

I started out the week strong by attending the movie watching meet-up, that only I went to…And I later completed the Mash a Movie assignment. I really enjoyed testing out new techniques to create my DS 106-ified scene. It definitely took the most time out of all my assignments for the week, but it was worth it because I enjoyed the process and I learned a lot!

Creating Assignments

I had already created a design assignment in a previous week, so I only needed to make one assignment. I decided to make a daily create, and I thought up designing your own coloring page. Unfortunately, I discovered a few days later that that idea was already used for a daily create, but I still put thought and effort into completing the daily create proposal and making an example.

Assignment: Six Stars of Video

To complete my three stars of video involving content from class storylines, I chose the DS 106-ers React assignment. For this, I created a video as my apocalypse character, Tala, reacting to her friend, Bellamy’s Dream Life video. I enjoyed looking at this video from a different perspective and thinking about what Tala would think. I also figured out how to place one video in another through this assignment!

For my other three stars of video assignments, I chose to complete the product review assignment. I wanted to choose an item that would be fun to review, so as I looked through my stuff, in a miscellaneous drawer, there was a slinky – and I became inspired. I had a LOT of fun making this video as I let my creative juices flow. I even played around while editing the video with little intro and outro bops. I also took some inspiration from videos I have seen (including some of Martha’s videos) and put the word “slinky” on repeat and then slowed down the last one and put an overlaying theme on top of it to make it more intense.

Assignment: 10 Apocalyptic Questions

This was the last assignment I completed for the week, and as I rewatched the question video, I took a mental note of which questions I wanted to answer and a brief idea of how I was going to respond. At this point in the two weeks of video, I was feeling pretty comfortable with iMovie, so I was able to split the clips from “Vanessa Locke’s” question video and from my video to create one cohesive pretty effortlessly. I hope my responses help her with her research of the apocalypse. I am very curious about what is causing The E.N.D.


For the first daily create I completed, I added a GIF to the interactive story on Twitter. It was entertaining to follow the GIF story and see everyone take part.

The other daily create I completed for the week was writing a poem about a mistake I have made. I decided to write it about tripping up the stairs because it happened to me last week and it was a wee bit awkward. But not that it is in poem form, the mistake seems more elegant.

You hear on the radio that the End has started. What do you do first?

I would probably gather my friends and family first. I would want to ensure that they are alive and safe, and if we were together as a larger group, we may have a higher chance of survival.



Week Ten…Not So Zen

This has been quite a busy week. I knew I did not have much time this week so I made sure to get my daily creates and planning out of the way quickly.

My first daily create was a flying flower, which I drew early in the morning before I left for my practicum.

The second daily create that I completed was a mismatch of a tourist slogan and a place. Personally, I really do think Oklahoma is better than ok, but that is definitely not a picture of Oklahoma.

I read the article on how to read film and watched some of the videos early on and took notes so I would remember what was important. These were definitely informative and helped me navigate the rest of the week. Later I watched The Night of the Living Dead and chose my scene that I commented on.

Earlier in the week, I decided on which video assignments I would complete, and vaguely what I would do for them, but I did not complete them until later. I vlogged my day in Philly with my sister, which was an enjoyable process. My video tutorial for a hanging plant holder, on the other hand, was not as enjoyable. It was a rather long, strenuous process, but I completed it and I am content with the outcome.


What question would you like to ask the class?

If you were to take this course again, what would you want the theme to be and why?

Tune in to Week Nine

Week Nine was rather light on the workload, which was definitely nice! The main focus of this week was tuning in to the radio shows, which was a blast! I listened to Alt-F4 and that survival group did an amazing job producing their show! Unfortunately, I was unable to tune into my own radio show, but some of my survival group members were able to tune in and be active on Twitter.

The assignment I decided to revise for the week was my Survivors at Sunrise bumper sticker. With the radio shows being the main focus of the week, I could not stop thinking about how much I wanted to edit my bumper sticker because I was not satisfied with how it looked before. Now, I think it looks perfect and it definitely reflects our radio show well.

I also had a lot of fun with he daily creates for the week. I made a new name for an elephant, and I think we should make it universal.

I also admitted unapologetically that cats are the best.

And finally, I took some time to draw a still life of an “I <3 Philly” mug that my sister gave to me.



What’s one thing you definitely couldn’t live without during the apocalypse? How would you go about obtaining it?

I could not survive the apocalypse without a ukulele. The apocalypse will probably be extremely miserable, and I know that singing a few songs with a ukulele every once in a while would lift spirits and get me out of an apocalyptic rut. In order to obtain a ukulele, I would probably have to raid a music shop. If there are no music shops around or there are no ukuleles there, I can make myself a ukulele out of some cardboard boxes and rubber bands. #apocalypsediy


Week 7 and 8, and Feeling Great

The focus for these past weeks was the radio show, which I really enjoyed creating! I appreciated the opportunity to meet with my survival group in person and learn from them. It brought a new level to this course that was not possible through solely online interactions. And the fact that it is an online class made it difficult because there was not an easy meeting time for our group.

At the end of the 7th week, I created the bumper sticker for Survivors at Sunrise. This definitely challenged me, because I struggled to create a design that looked nice and not too tacky. After a lot of playing around with formats and fonts, I was pleased with the final outcome.

For my first daily create, I made the version of Tala that she would not want to become during the apocalypse. I turned her into a wolf to play off her lone wolf archetype, and also added shredded clothes. My next daily create was the Wheel of Fortune puzzle. If you did not solve it, the answer was Alternative Service Break, because I was in Alabama doing service with Habitat for Humanity at the time. The third daily create I completed was the Manga Me. I tried to make it look as much like me as possible, and I even gave it a ukulele. Although, I do have a shaved head now so I guess I look a bit different! For my last daily create, I recorded myself reading Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Anderson. I kept tripping up on words, but I finally got a smooth enough run through recorded on Audacity and I uploaded it to SoundCloud.


If the apocalypse were to happen, and you had to become something. . .else. Which kind of something would you want to be and why?

I would want to become a zombie. This feels like the obvious choice to me because if I were a zombie in the apocalypse than is it really the apocalypse? I mean it basically comes down to the survival of the fittest and in a zombie apocalypse, generally the zombies will win and they will become the new dominant species. If you want to survive, you have to stay mainstream with the surviving population!

The Rising Sun on Our Radio Show

Lauren, Elaina, and Alyssa and I met in the HCC/ over facetime this week to discuss our radio show. I must say it was a change to communicate with people in this class in person. It was really fun bouncing ideas around and getting inspired by each other and our unique characters to create our radio show.

We have an outline for segments that we will be including in our radio show, and I think you all as the listeners should be getting excited! We have some entertaining segments coming up with drama (possibly involving YOU) and some great apocalypse advice by yours truly, Tala.

I have been working on a bumper sticker for our radio show, Survivors @ Sunrise. To be completely honest, it caused me a lot of stress and I redid it multiple times. After a lot of struggle, I made it to this final bumper sticker and I’m not mad about it.

This week, aside from being in Alabama and working with Habitat for Humanity, I will be thinking about developing the ideas for my segment and the other portions of the radio show! I am super excited to get to the audio booth and start recording!

Week Six Survival Tricks

I spaced out my time this week much better than I usually do. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I did all three of my daily creates, and I really enjoyed them! I have been becoming more comfortable using Pxlr to create unique images.

I decided to complete the Character Design as my first design assignment, and I spent a long time looking through all the different ways to individualize my character. After working on my own character, I knew I had to take some initiative and find her a survival group, so I read a bunch of people’s character introduction posts and messaged two people to be in my group, both of whom said yes. My survival group has four strong female characters, and I believe we will do quite well in the apocalypse together.

For my six stars of design assignments, I chose to create a Word Cloud for my character and I created my own design assignment to make an ad for a charity. I knew I wanted to make my own social media post to let people know about shaving my head for St. Baldrick’s, so I decided it would be efficient to make it an assignment for this course.

Throughout the week I was watching the Ted Talk videos and completing the Canva tutorials, but it was not until towards the end of the week that I wrote my reflection on it. This really opened my eyes to design and made me feel more confident because I do not have much of a background in the subject.

Next, I completed the Design Blitz, which I enjoyed running around campus for. And I even found some The E.N.D. evidence while searching around the HCC for posters.

The last assignment I completed was the Alternative Book Cover, which took me much longer than I had hoped. I really struggled to make it look the way I wanted. I plan I making an appointment with the Digital Knowledge Center to get a tutorial on photo editing so I know which tools do what, and I can complete what I want faster and better.

This week, I made sure to leave a few comments on people’s blogs, and it made me realize it is much more interesting to read someone’s post and leave a comment rather than just reading the post and leaving the


Group dynamics can be tricky. What’s been the most successful group you’ve been a part of and what made it work?Image may contain: 8 people, including Ashley Thompson, Hailey Schunke, Nora Marie Snyder and Spencer Schryver, people smiling, people standing, tree, sky and outdoor

The most successful group I have ever been a part of was my second team when I was serving in AmeriCorps NCCC. We worked together for six months, and although we often disagreed, we made sure to listen to each other’s perspectives and come to a compromise. We all had our own roles on the team, which made our projects and work run smoother. We recognized where some people excelled and others lacked prior skills, and we taught each other how to be better as individuals and as a team. Some of the most important things to do in a group are to be supportive and to listen because everyone has something valuable to offer.


How to Survive Week Five

This week I told myself I would get my work done in a timely manner. I started out the week well by gaining my bearings and watching all of the videos and going through the resources for the week. On Wednesday, I got thinking about my character, Tala Madeira and wrote her an in-depth backstory. Wednesday was definitely productive for me because I also listened to the Peoria Plague Radio Show and tweeted along with some of my classmates. On Thursday, I watched the videos by Jad from RadioLab, but then I got caught up in other assignments and responsibilities and did not submit my reflection then.

This fallback in my schedule led me to finish the rest of the work over the weekend. I enjoyed exploring Audacity and getting some tips and tricks before beginning my own audio. After exploring the Frequency 2156 page, I got really into developing and editing my audio for the site. I recorded myself for that assignment just using the microphone on my headphones, but it seems to have worked well. For the two other audio assignments I completed (Humming Away and Call Me, Beep Me), I decided to take advantage of the vocal booth in the HCC. Although it was nice and quiet in there, I think it will be more useful once I figure out how to use all the tech inside it. I will definitely be visiting the Digital Knowledge Center this week for a tutorial!

Overall, I would say it was a pretty fun week, The End-wise.


How are you feeling? Be specific.

This week I have been feeling extremely tired and overwhelmed. I have had so much to get done, and all I wanted to do was take a nap. Slightly afraid a plague of fatigue is sweeping over the school, which will lead to a constant stage of sleep, AKA death. But, hopefully, it is just from a large workload and the fact that we are approaching midterms.

Writing for The End


In the event of an apocalypse, do you think you’d be the kind of person to hoard your supplies (for yourself and your loved ones) or would you share them with those around you in need? Why or why not?

Honestly, I would be the kind of person who would hoard supplies for myself and my loved ones. Although it may seem selfish, in the event of the apocalypse I will probably put the survival of myself over others. It would be unknown how long the apocalypse would last and how devastated and depleted the planet would be, so I would want to make the limited supplies I have last for as long as possible.


This week definitely included a much heavier workload than the past two weeks. I tried my best to keep this in mind throughout the week in order to stay on top of all of the work. Although I did end up doing a bulk of the work during the tail-end of the week, I did complete some work for the course almost every day this week.

My favorite assignments from this course are most definitely the daily creates, as I have noted in my past weekly posts. This week I tweeted about a UFO abduction of Westmo, a very romantic compliment involving ketchup, and a plot line to a story called Creepy CorpsesI always have so much fun with the daily creates, though I am never quite sure if they are quite as hilarious to everyone else…

The major works for the week were all of the writing assignments. I started out with the Amazon review assignment because it seemed like a fun and simple assignment. I chose to review a camouflage hammock because I personally love hammocking and it is decently useful for survival.

Following the review, I read and reflected on two of the assigned short stories, which helped me dive a little deeper into the realm of apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction. I chose to write an alternate ending for There Will Come Soft Rains, because I found that story much more intriguing than Finis, and I had a fun idea for the alternate ending.

For my six additional stars of writing assignments, I chose The End is for Everything, which I wrote from the perspective of a speck of dirt in a post-apocalyptic world, and When and Where would you live, about living in a storage container tiny home in a post-apocalyptic 2025. Although we were given the option to only have three stars be dedicated to writing about apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic topics, I have been getting more into the theme and chose to incorporate the apocalypse in all six of my stars.

Two works of other survivors that I would like to highlight are Cypherpunk106’s Apocalypse Terms of Service and Samara Wong’s story on cats’ post-apocalyptic world. Cypherpunk always impresses me with how well she incorporates media into her posts. I also admire how interested she is in the apocalypse as she displays a deep knowledge of the subject through her hilarious writing.

After reading Samara’s work, I had the reaction of “Ok. Cats can take over. That makes sense.” She just made it so obvious that cats are way smarter than humans and deserve to take control. I thought it was quite well written and insightful!

For next week, I want to continue to participate more and make my website more professional and organized. I have really enjoyed reading my classmates works and posts on twitter, so I want to dedicate more time to reading and responding. Also this week I have been developing the organization of my websites with categories and tags, so I want to work on those more to make them as clear as possible to those who visit my site. I am looking forward to what next week’s challenge will be!