Tune in to Week Nine

Week Nine was rather light on the workload, which was definitely nice! The main focus of this week was tuning in to the radio shows, which was a blast! I listened to Alt-F4 and that survival group did an amazing job producing their show! Unfortunately, I was unable to tune into my own radio show, but some of my survival group members were able to tune in and be active on Twitter.

The assignment I decided to revise for the week was my Survivors at Sunrise bumper sticker. With the radio shows being the main focus of the week, I could not stop thinking about how much I wanted to edit my bumper sticker because I was not satisfied with how it looked before. Now, I think it looks perfect and it definitely reflects our radio show well.

I also had a lot of fun with he daily creates for the week. I made a new name for an elephant, and I think we should make it universal.

I also admitted unapologetically that cats are the best.

And finally, I took some time to draw a still life of an “I <3 Philly” mug that my sister gave to me.



What’s one thing you definitely couldn’t live without during the apocalypse? How would you go about obtaining it?

I could not survive the apocalypse without a ukulele. The apocalypse will probably be extremely miserable, and I know that singing a few songs with a ukulele every once in a while would lift spirits and get me out of an apocalyptic rut. In order to obtain a ukulele, I would probably have to raid a music shop. If there are no music shops around or there are no ukuleles there, I can make myself a ukulele out of some cardboard boxes and rubber bands. #apocalypsediy


Bumper Sticker Remake

To revise an old assignment, I decided to choose the bumper sticker that I made for my radio show, Survivors at Sunrise. Even though I took a long time to design the one I submitted, I was still not completely satisfied with it. After editing it once again, I can say I would probably put this version on my car.


In my opinion, the blue text and the font for “Survivors at Sunrise” was a little tacky. So, I decided to switch to a white text with a more classy font. I changed the orange bottom to the blue color, which gives the sticker an ocean vibe. This ties in well with our radio show where we described how we met when we crashed on Puerto Rico while three of us were on a cruise. I also changed the filter on the background photo so it is flatter and to make the sun rays more visible. I decided to layer the title slightly over the ocean to tie the sky and the water together nicely. I played with changing the font of “DS 106 FM”, but ultimately, I decided what I already had as the font looked very clean.

Personally, I think the new bumper sticker is a great improvement from the first. All I have to do now is put it on Red Bubble and sell them!

The Apocalypse Killed the Radio Show

So the radio shows are over. Honestly, this makes me a little sad because it was a fun time creating, producing and listening to another group’s radio show. Bonding with my survival group as we brainstormed and recorded our show was one of my most favorite parts of this course so far. I was able to learn more about audio from more tech-abled teammates, and I really got the chance to tap into my creativity. Tuning in to Alt-F4 radio show was also a valuable and fun experience. It was interesting to see how another group of students took the prompt of an apocalyptic radio show and made it their own. I really liked how they incorporated some spooky music into there show and made it more of a story rather than a show with segments, like my group did. Tweeting along with others in the class, always makes me laugh because it is fun to see the reactions from different people, but it was also nice to get responses from the producers of the radio show.

Overall, these couple weeks of radio show adventures have been educational and exciting! Unfortunately, it must come to “the end” and we must move on to the next week of assignments.

Week 7 and 8, and Feeling Great

The focus for these past weeks was the radio show, which I really enjoyed creating! I appreciated the opportunity to meet with my survival group in person and learn from them. It brought a new level to this course that was not possible through solely online interactions. And the fact that it is an online class made it difficult because there was not an easy meeting time for our group.

At the end of the 7th week, I created the bumper sticker for Survivors at Sunrise. This definitely challenged me, because I struggled to create a design that looked nice and not too tacky. After a lot of playing around with formats and fonts, I was pleased with the final outcome.

For my first daily create, I made the version of Tala that she would not want to become during the apocalypse. I turned her into a wolf to play off her lone wolf archetype, and also added shredded clothes. My next daily create was the Wheel of Fortune puzzle. If you did not solve it, the answer was Alternative Service Break, because I was in Alabama doing service with Habitat for Humanity at the time. The third daily create I completed was the Manga Me. I tried to make it look as much like me as possible, and I even gave it a ukulele. Although, I do have a shaved head now so I guess I look a bit different! For my last daily create, I recorded myself reading Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Anderson. I kept tripping up on words, but I finally got a smooth enough run through recorded on Audacity and I uploaded it to SoundCloud.


If the apocalypse were to happen, and you had to become something. . .else. Which kind of something would you want to be and why?

I would want to become a zombie. This feels like the obvious choice to me because if I were a zombie in the apocalypse than is it really the apocalypse? I mean it basically comes down to the survival of the fittest and in a zombie apocalypse, generally the zombies will win and they will become the new dominant species. If you want to survive, you have to stay mainstream with the surviving population!

Continuing the Sunrise Radio Show

Before meeting with my survival group to begin recording our radio show, I wrote out an outline of my segment, Suck it up with Tala. This preparation helped the process of recording go faster and smoother. However, we did have a little brainstorming and collaboration on each of our segments to make them the best we could.

The biggest struggle of recording the radio show was figuring out everyone’s schedules because we are all quite busy ladies. Unfortunately, Alyssa was unable to meet up with us this time, but she was able to record her segment without us.

Despite not having the whole survival group, Elaina, Lauren and I were able to record each of our segments, and it was enjoyable to listen in and collaborate on their segments. I think our radio show, Survivors at Sunrise is developing into a very entertaining piece and I cannot wait for the class to tune in!

The Rising Sun on Our Radio Show

Lauren, Elaina, and Alyssa and I met in the HCC/ over facetime this week to discuss our radio show. I must say it was a change to communicate with people in this class in person. It was really fun bouncing ideas around and getting inspired by each other and our unique characters to create our radio show.

We have an outline for segments that we will be including in our radio show, and I think you all as the listeners should be getting excited! We have some entertaining segments coming up with drama (possibly involving YOU) and some great apocalypse advice by yours truly, Tala.

I have been working on a bumper sticker for our radio show, Survivors @ Sunrise. To be completely honest, it caused me a lot of stress and I redid it multiple times. After a lot of struggle, I made it to this final bumper sticker and I’m not mad about it.

This week, aside from being in Alabama and working with Habitat for Humanity, I will be thinking about developing the ideas for my segment and the other portions of the radio show! I am super excited to get to the audio booth and start recording!